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HP (Hewlett-Packard) Labs - Innovation Research Program Award with the project "Semantic Expert Finding for Service Portfolio Creation".

For a service organization to be effective, it is very important that knowledge is transferred effectively between its members. In particular, when much of the information resides “informally” within the organization – as is the case in agile service portfolio creation – it is is of fundamental importance that the organization is proficient at finding an expert with specific competences, creating a team of workers with particular abilities, identifying the area of expertise of a department or a research group, and other similar tasks.

Usually, in order to effectively fulfill such tasks, the organization needs to (i) have a deep knowledge of the environment and of the people operating into it, (ii) have a detailed knowledge and (ideally) experience of the requested skills and (iii) carefully analyze each profile and then (try to) match it with requirements.

As a way of example, if one wanted to identify the core competencies in a research group or to find a person with specific competences, it would not be enough to look at the resumes, or job descriptions of each employees, since competences of a person are not necessarily in her job descriptions, and, often, they are not kept up to date. On the other hand, a lot of information could be inferred from the actual “work life” of employees: their participation in specific projects, the data they expose on company-owned social networks, the chat sessions between colleagues, their publications.

This precious information should be collected and leveraged by the company. However, the crucial point is that such information is in some way “hidden” in the data extracted from these heterogeneous information sources. First, data need to be cleaned, contextualized and expanded.

Finally, such information should be stored in a way that facilitates the exploration, reuse and exploitation to accomplish the tasks previously mentioned.

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