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The goal of this special issue is to bring the attention of researchers to the opportunities and challenges involved in
research findings across a broad spectrum of engineering fields, with attention to the validity of the research being
reported. This includes the soundness of the research methods employed and the analysis undertaken to reach

Industry 4.0 is considered an opportunity for companies to accelerate the processes that will lead to fully automated and
interconnected industrial production, improving performance and productivity. The aim of the issue is to cover relevant
research topics, aspects and essential technological components of the fourth industrial revolution of the Industry 4.0
digital transformation. Such topics are analyzed and studied from several engineering perspectives, including but not
limited to, Internet of Things (IoT) convergence of IT and OT, digital simulation models, cyber-physical systems, advanced
robots, smart manufacturing, autonomous production, consistent engineering across the entire value chain, data collection
and provisioning, the cloud, big data analytics, virtual/augmented reality and edge computing, and generally speaking
industrial techniques to realize smart industry and manufacturing goals in the intersection of people, new technologies and
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Big Data/Analytics and innovation accelerators
  • (Industrial) Internet of Things
  • IoT devices, sensors and actuators
  • Robotics, data, artificial intelligence
  • Manufacturing processes to realize connected factories
  • Smart decentralized manufacturing

All papers must be submitted through the journal’s online submission system.

Submission Deadline: 1st July 2018


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